ParaVoxel: A Domain Decomposition Based Fixed Grid Preprocessor

TitleParaVoxel: A Domain Decomposition Based Fixed Grid Preprocessor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGarcia, MJ, Duque, J, Henao, M, Boulanger, P
JournalInternational Journal of Computational Methods
Date Published02/2015
Keywordscartesian mesh, fixed grid, Mesh generation

In this paper, a parallel cartesian fixed grid mesh generator for structural and fluid dynamics problems is presented. The method uses the boundary representation of a body and produces a set of equal sized cells which are classified in three different types according to its location with respect to the body. Cells are inside, outside or inter- secting the boundary of the body. This classification is made by knowing the number of nodes of a cell that are inside body. That process is accomplished very efficiently as the nodes can be classified in batch. Once boundary cells are identified, its geometry is approximated by the convex hull of the nodes inside the body and the intersection points of the boundary against the cell edges. This paper presents the basics of the Fixed Grid Meshing algorithm, followed by some domain decomposition modifications and the data structures required for its parallel implementation. A set of examples and a brief discussion on the possibility of applying this algorithm together with other approaches is presented.